Nahid Linares

Teaches at Stone Branch School of Art

A professional artist, designer, and a college professor, Nahid is fully committed in providing a nurturing and stimulating learning environment to foster each student's individuality, natural creativity, and curiosity, with the end goal of helping her students grow to become lifelong learners.

Nahid served as an art director at REZ Corp., a communication corporation in Washington DC that served as the chief designer of permanent exhibits on the architectural history of the Old Executive Office. She has held award winning painting exhibitions at galleries and art centers in New York, Maryland, Virginia, Connecticut, and Central America.

Nahid is fluent in several languages and holds a Bachelorette of Science in Design from the University of Minnesota School of Art and Design, as well as an AA in Civil engineering from Nafisi German Poly- Technique Institute and has extensive graduate studies in Art History. She holds a certificate in Early Childhood Intervention from Pittsburg University and another in Special Needs Advocacy from Parent Place of Maryland.

As a special needs advocate, she has worked closely with schools and government officials both in the United States and abroad to improve education for special needs population. Her efforts were critical in the establishment of partnerships between universities in the United States and foreign countries, as well as the development of learning centers and placements for special need students in Central America.

Nahid is Stone Branch School of Art’s Co- Program coordinator and teaches the following full year courses:

  • Youth Core Art Program
  • Painting, Drawing, and Design
  • Advanced Painting in Acrylic and Watercolor
  • Impressionism: A Painting and History
  • Short course Modernism: A Painting and History Short Course
  • Interpretive Landscape Painting
  • Art history, Cultural and Travel-related workshops

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