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Katherine Vincent
Katherine started her career as a digital marketing consultant for small businesses and billion-dollar corporations alike. Her first venture into the corporate world took her to Silicon Valley as the only dedicated marketing professional for a start-up company of 100 people where I helped establish a healthy, targeted web presence. Today she work for CDK Global who, in addition to their many proprietary software products, offer a custom website for their clients with the option of having a dedicated SEO and SEM analyst.

Aiden Carroll
A nice guy, entrepreneur and moderately well known marketing personality. Aiden has worked with numerous brands, both global and notable, in shaping and delivering their digital and advertising strategies - not to neglect making sure those strategies stick, with a ton of up skilling. To date, he’s been involved in campaigns producing 20+ awards, from the Cannes Lions to the Webbys.

He’s also been involved in some seriously catastrophic failures along the way, you know what they say about omelettes.

Aiden is more than a little bit obsessed with the technology sector, and even more so with the future of education and communicating ideas. He’s trained over 65,000 marketers to date, from over 75 countries.

He currently spending a great deal of time nurturing the marketing needs of a variety of global brands, as co-founder of The Coloring In Department, as the original Google We Are Squared guy, as part of a crack team of General Assembly tech folk, and as a presenter and gun for hire.

Most importantly, he loves what he does, and anyone who tells you different is a damn liar, and definitely can't be trusted.

Also, he will -never- wear a suit.

In recognition of his exemplary service in the classroom, Aiden has been selected as a member of General Assembly's Distinguished Faculty program.

Jenna Camann
Jenna is a digital strategist rooted in a love of marketing analytics. She now leads a small digital consulting firm focused on providing best in class strategies to businesses looking to influence their future through digital marketing. Prior to that, she led the digital efforts for the Boston Bruins and TD Garden, overseeing all digital channels for the renown team and venue. She has worked with dozens of companies in her 10+ years of experience, helping ideate, manage and execute digital strategies and programs. She learned shortly after graduating from Bucknell University how digital marketing data could influence programs she was managing with her first client, Lowe's Home Improvement. From there, she focused on delivering clients ideas coupled with appropriate measurement goals and plans to create lasting digital experiences. Prior to her role as Director of Digital for the Boston Bruins and TD Garden, Jenna worked at GMR Marketing and Digitas, with clients including Harley-Davidson, PUMA, Bank of America, P&G, Lenovo, Goodyear, and MillerCoors.

In recognition of her exemplary service in the classroom, Jenna has been selected as a member of General Assembly's Distinguished Faculty program. Jenna serves as a member of the Product Advisory Board for GA's digital marketing courses.

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