Alex Jarvis, Danielle Martin & Monica Finc

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Alex Jarvis is a UX Designer and instructor with a love for creating digital experiences that tell a story and empower people to achieve their goals. His work focuses on such practices as user research, information architecture, and visual design. He has consulted for and worked with organizations in various industries, including higher education, political fundraising, automotive, and web application design.

In recognition of his exemplary service in the classroom, Alex has been selected as a member of General Assembly's Distinguished Faculty program.

Danielle Martin is a UX Designer and Instructional Associate at General Assembly NYC for the UX Design Accelerated Class. Previously a graphic designer for Whale and Dolphin Conservation, she brings her design skills and passion for the greater good to the UX table. As a UX Designer also leveraging experience in research and fine art, she combines these experiences to confront the challenges of UX Design to create effective people-first designs for the greater good of users and companies, keeping innovation and communication at the forefront.

Monica Finc is a design consultant with a passion for civic tech. She's worked in finance, clean energy, and e-commerce on projects ranging from research on insider trading to scaling user-centered product strategy across an entire organization. In her spare time, she likes to bake sourdough.

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