Calin Pupaza

Teaches at General Assembly

Senior Engineer, former Engineering Manager, and Tech Coach  

I am passionate about technology, more passionate about the craft of creating robust, scalable and secure services, to bring as much value as possible to as many customers as possible. More so if the products I'm working on make a good contribution to the world. 

Coaching is my other calling, and is the result of many years of learning, being a mentee and a coachee. Through coaching, I can contribute to other people's career and lives, and it's my way of giving back to the world. 

In my work, my goal is to find the simplest most efficient solutions, to the biggest most complex problems. And I've learned that those solutions are always the result of collaboration, and are both technical, conceptual and human. 

Learning from and with a great team of people, and delivering great results, is my ideal!

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