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SQL Training For Beginners


Attended: SQL Training For Beginners

A lot of information for beginners class.

SQL Bootcamp: Learning the Language


Attended: SQL Bootcamp: Learning the Language

Rachel is a great instructor! Very friendly and engaging, a lovely person. The "SQL Bootcamp: Learning the Language" was full of practical examples and instruction throughout. My only gripe was the pacing of the class could be better or it needs an additional hour to get through all of the material in one day. Too much time was spent on the easier concepts earlier in the day (I thought there were too many examples of simple to understand concepts) versus the more difficult concepts later on, which seemed to be rushed in the last hour of class (you can't cover JOINS in one hour). There was no dedicated "lab" time as well. I would also recommend she prints out or provides an electronic version of the examples shown on the front board at the start of class because when she switched to the view of her computer to walk the class through the examples, I could never remember what the example was since it was no longer in front of me. General Assembly also really needs to fix the climate control. It was uncomfortably cold all day!

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